New Customers

Quadrivium welcomes new stores in the continental United States interested in carrying some or all of the Quadrivium Oils™ line.  A list of bestsellers is available upon request.  We will provide up to 4 packaged samples to any store, and we're happy to discuss which products might work best for any particular retail venue.

Both physical and online stores can order from Quadrivium Supplies.  All oils are sold in multiples of 4, with a minimum order of 18 total oils.  Displays in various sizes, including testers, are available for physical stores after a deposit is made and the store's first order is placed. 

New customers will need to provide a Tax ID Number to Quadrivium Supplies before placing an order.

Shipping is calculated separately, due to there being such a variety of order sizes.  Customers are sent an invoice for UPS shipping after the order is packed and weighed.