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Red Fast Luck (Set of 4)

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Red Fast Luck (Set of 4)
Red Fast Luck is made from a formula given by Zora Neale Hurston in "Mules and Men," her classic collection of African American folktales and hoodoo. The essential oils listed by Hurston include cinnamon, vanilla, and wintergreen, which give it a very distinctive scent. The red color comes from the addition of a herb traditionally thought to bring good fortune. While the ingredients are not complex, the oil takes some time to "mature," and the correct shade of red must be reached by adding a few flakes of the herb each day and waiting 24 hours to see how the oil’s color has changed.
This is a tremendously versatile oil, as it can bring luck in money, love, or any other area where you could use it.
This is an Electional Oil, made at a time when the planet Venus was in conjunction with the star Deneb. According to the Picatrix, this is a position favorable to the creation of talismans and oils for luck and for love.

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